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The Fresno Musical Club presents scholarships and awards to deserving music students. These include the Hildred Minich Scholarship, the Bell T. Ritchie Award, and, recently, the club added the Fresno Young Singer Award and the Susan Torres Award for Pianists. The club also received funds in memory of several of its members. These memorial gifts are awarded to students needing financial assistance to continue their studies. View Our 2018 Winners here!




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Fresno Musical Club, Fresno California

The Fresno Musical Club is a group of men and women who are trained musicians, many of whom are performing professionally. They participate in many local musical groups, teach numerous students, and volunteer where needed. The Club’s Study Section meets monthly to share enriching performances. For Upcoming Events>Click Here


See our Events Page for results of the 2018 Auditions and our Winners Page for 2018 for details on all our Award Winners.

March 9, 2019  
   Susan Torres Award for Pianists
   Hildred Minich Scholarship for    string players
   Bell T. Ritchie Award for Adv.    Students

On haitis 2019:

FMC Young Singer Award




Inha Jun 

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